How to restore your service

You are able to restore a backup of your account at any time, without any additional fee. The process is simple, simply follow these steps:

  1. Log into your cPanel service either directly or through the Hosting Cloud Client Area. If choosing the later option:
    1. Login via the link above
    2. Navigate to 'Services' -- 'My Services'
    3. Navigate to the service in question
    4. On the left-hand side; navigate to 'Login to cPanel'
  2. On the cPanel homepage you'll find a selection of options for restoring a backup:
  3. The easiest option is to simply choose 'Full Account Backups' and then select the day in which you wish to roll back from:
  4. If you wish to restore individual files or databases simply choose those options and use the wizard that follows to restore as needed.
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