How to view your Wordpress SQL details

On some occasions it is required that you double-check database connection details to ensure that applications have been set up correctly, or if you've recently migrated a site from a different server and wish to investigate the settings, you can do so as follows:

  1. Login to cPanel directly or through theĀ Client Area
  2. Next find 'File Manager' and click this option
    1. Click 'public_html' or whichever directory is serving your website's files (such as a sub-domain).
    2. Click once on 'wp-config.php' and then 'View' in the menu bar

Doing this allows you to view the current database connection details and use the same credentials later if you wish. If you wanted to change the details in this file, simply edit the file insead however be sure that you're changes are intentional - as any changes made to this file will directly affect the site as seen to the public.

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